Expert Review & Advice

SpillAssist Limited is the only specialist oil pollution consultancy and remediation specialist that can truly provide expert legal opinions on all legal matters associated with a pollution incident. Our management team consists of fully qualified experts who can provide detailed legal opinions on contract law, insurance law, negligence, trespass, nuisance, waste management legislation, personal injury and property damage.

In addition to expert legal opinions SpillAssist Limited can also provide expert witness services and legal reports to assist the legal team. We can provide expert services both in terms of providing expert testimony in court and providing fully compliant legal opinion reports.

If you are pursuing a legal action associated with a pollution event or you are being pursued by a party that has suffered loss as a result of a pollution incident from your property we can supply all of the necessary legal expertise you will need.

SpillAssist can cover all of your legal needs.

Expert Technical Advice and Opinion.

The team at SpillAssist has the necessary expertise and experience to provide specialist technical advice and opinion on the following areas;