Open Door Policy


Are you tired of never being kept informed of project developments?  Do you have difficulty speaking with management about any concerns or questions you may have?  Do you have to make all of the calls just to find out what is happening?

If the answer is yes to any of the above you need to speak to SpillAssist.

SpillAssist Limited has an Open Door Policy for all employees and customers. What this means is that SpillAssist Limited has implemented a policy of open communication between staff and management and between SpillAssist Limited and its customers.  Quite simply SpillAssist’s Open Door policy ensures that management’s door is always open to all staff members and to customers alike.

The purpose of our open door policy is to encourage open communication, dialogue, introducing new ideas, feedback, and discussion about any matter of importance or idea to all staff members and to all customers. Our open door policy means that all staff members and indeed customers can speak openly with a member of the management team.

It is our philosophy to create an open and flexible working environment that encourages openness, fairness and honesty.  As such if you need to talk to us we are only too happy to listen. 

SpillAssist’s Open Door policy is designed to create the best possible working environment for our team as well as our customers.  Our Open Door policy ensures that all concerns are heard and addressed promptly and to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.  We believe that our openness sets us apart from our competitors and ensures that our staff and customers have a voice that is heard and acted upon.

Open communication creates a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect.

Open Door Policy for Employees.

Freedom of Expression.

Our aim is to encourage all staff members to feel that if they have a concern, idea, and recommendation or simply just need assistance that management is always available to listen and assist.  The staff members at SpillAssist Limited know that management is always there to provide assistance or guidance and to provide answers to resolve problems and issues that may arise.  Our ability to communicate as a team enables us to resolve issues quickly and efficiently to the benefit of our customers and employees alike.

Open Communication & Innovation.

Open communication in the workplace encourages lateral thinking and innovation.  Ideas and solutions are discussed openly which invariably results in the continued improvement of services to customers as well as the provision of exceptional and innovative remedial solutions.

To Maintain Open Channels of Communication.

SpillAssist’s Open Door policy ensures that staff members keep management apprised of all developments.  This in turn improves efficiency and ensures that both employees and management are directly involved in all decisions. 

Honesty & Clarity.

SpillAssist Limited truly is a team that encourages staff members to talk honestly and openly with management about all issues and concerns to ensure clarity and understanding.  Management and staff are a team and our Open Door policy actively encourages and supports that philosophy.

Good Listener.

The management team of SpillAssist Limited is trained and committed to be a good listener.  The management team is fully aware that the opinions, beliefs, concerns and aspirations of all staff members are important to SpillAssist Limited.  As such the management team likes to listen and will always afford all staff members to speak openly and frankly with them.  If an idea expressed by a staff member is rejected the management team will always explain in detail to that staff member why the idea was rejected.  We have found that there is never a wrong answer only a solution that fits at that particular moment in time.  Management will always encourage lateral thinking as it is through this lateral thinking that SpillAssist is able to offer such  high level services.

Open Door Policy for Customers.

The SpillAssist team is not limited to the staff and management of SpillAssist Limited but also the customers of SpillAssist Limited.  As a company we recognise that our customers require our primary focus and as such the SpillAssist Open Door policy applies to both customers and staff.

Customer Care.

At SpillAssist Limited we recognise that all customers have individual needs and requirements.  As such we strive to provide our services to fit with the needs of our customers.  Ascertaining the needs and requirements of our customers can only be achieved by operating an effective open door policy that encourages customers to speak openly with us.

Keeping the Customer Informed.

For any project to progress effectively it is essential that our customers are kept apprised of developments at all times.  We recognise that it is of paramount importance that all parties involved in a remediation project are kept up to date of all findings, proposals, developments and successful completion of the project.

To maintain this policy the staff and management of SpillAssist Limited operate tried and tested protocols that adhere to the strictest Service Level Agreements to ensure that all of our customers receive up to date information in a format that suits them.  The customers choose how they wish to be kept informed and SpillAssist Limited will endeavour to meet that requirement.

Listen Attentively.

When communicating with customers the staff and management of SpillAssist actually listen to our customers.  It is through listening that we are able to help.  It is through listening that we able to continue to improve the quality and effectiveness of our services.  The staff and management of SpillAssist are trained and experienced in listening and providing effective solutions and answers.  If a customer is not happy with the response of a team member our Open Door Policy enables the customer to speak directly with management.

User Friendly Information.

Whilst the field of environmental consultancy and remediation can involve science, engineering, waste management and law the staff and management of SpillAssist Limited are only too aware that the use of jargon and complex terms is not helpful and only serves to confuse.  It is the policy of SpillAssist Limited that all correspondence is user friendly and easy to understand.  The same applies to our reports and expert opinions.

The management and staff of SpillAssist are trained to provide user friendly explanations and analogies.  For projects to progress smoothly it is essential that all customers understand the level of damage that has occurred, the type of clean up that is required and the clean-up levels that must be reached to remove the environmental and health risk.

If a customer does not understand our reports and correspondence they are encouraged to contact us and seek assistance.  SpillAssist Limited is only too happy to provide explanations and advice to all of our customers and customer feedback is actively sought.  Our Open Door policy is designed to encourage all of our customers to speak with us.  It is through this dialogue that we able to understand the needs of our customers and therefore improve our services.