Quality Assurance

The philosophy central to our entire operation is continuous development through expertise and excellence. We strive to be the best by delivering high quality cost effective remediation solutions designed to satisfy all of our clients’ needs.


As a company we never stand still. There is always room for improvement and we not only recognise this we continually strive for it.

Our robust Quality Assurance programme is designed to provide our clients with a quality assured service. This is achieved through the implementation and management of an in-house quality assurance programme that commences from the first point of contact and runs through to project closure. Our quality assurance programme affords you the client with an opportunity rate our services, procedures, quality of work and technical expertise. These client ratings are reviewed by senior management who in turn implement the necessary changes to allow SpillAssist to continually improve.

The procedures developed by SpillAssist cover every aspect of a pollution incident and are continually reviewed and updated as technologies and knowledge in this field improves. We always listen to advice and our fluidity enables us to plan or react to continually changing environments. Our ever increasing expertise and knowledge allows us to adapt our certified procedures. This enhances our quality assurance programme providing our clients with an unrivalled service.

To maintain our services at the highest possible standard we operate to strict and exacting Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) that are continually monitored and administered using strict Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). We work with our clients to establish the SLA’s they require and adopt the necessary KPI’s to ensure that those SLA’s are met.