Rapid Response

SpillAssist Limited is the leading provider of rapid response emergency services throughout Ireland and the UK. The management of SpillAssist Limited first introduced this procedure to Ireland in 1997 and has utilised that expertise to provide tailored rapid response services that actually limit the damage and save costs.

The rapid response services are provided by highly trained staff and management with the necessary expertise to provide high end consultancy services and containment works. Our site investigations are detailed and effective both in terms of scope, time and user friendliness. Our containment and remediation programmes are site specific based on market leading innovation and technology.

 “We are always trying to push the boundaries of remediation, rapid response and consultancy through ongoing research and development. Our innovative team excels at providing the solutions you need”.

Trevor Duffy, Operations Director.

Why You Should Use SpillAssist

Oil pollution will not only damage your property and can have a negative impact on your health and well-being it will seriously devalue your property if it is not correctly cleaned up. We work with all of our clients to address the oil damage and restore their properties. Our expert services include the following:

Rapid Response: Our staff, equipment and documented procedures are continually tested and improved to provide the most effective rapid response services in the market today. We work with our clients to ensure that we know all of the incident details to ensure that our response is quick and effective. Our teams utilise the most up to date science, equipment and technology to provide truly effective rapid response services.

Site Investigation: SpillAssist Limited provides the most innovative and technologically advanced site assessment and investigations in the market today. We can provide investigations ranging from rapid response site walkovers to detailed investigations and risk assessments. The expertise of our investigation teams combined with the latest technological advances is such that we can provide a detailed assessment of the damage either on-site or within 24 hours of our site attendance.

Remediation Services: The staff and management of SpillAssist Limited have the necessary expertise, training and experience of providing the following oil clean up solutions:

Whatever clean-up operation is required we have the necessary expertise and technologies to provide it.