A Second Opinion?

More and more clients are contacting Spill Assist expressing dissatisfaction as to how they have been treated following previous oil pollution damage to their property. In some cases oil has been left behind despite being advised by third party consultants that their property was cleaned.

In other cases customers have had to pay substantial fees themselves towards a clean up, even when fully insured or when the pollution is caused by an at-fault third party. One major complaint we see is inordinate delays in dealing with matters.

In many instances, customers are simply not being properly advised by their Insurance Companies, Loss Adjusters and/or the appointed Contractors. Reports and Investigations results are not shared or explained to property owners and customers are left completely in the dark as to what is happening to their family home with no definitive time line towards resolution.

Whilst bioremediation can be a complex matter, it is not rocket science!

At Spill Assist, we believe that our clients deserve clear and simple advice on what exactly is happening to their property in the unfortunate event of pollution occurring.

If you have affected by pollution and are dissatisfied with the results or how you have been treated, you are entitled to a second opinion.

Feel free to call SpillAssist who will deal with all queries in a confidential manner.